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Dynamic Components in Blazor with Parameters and Event Handling

Blazor’s DynamicComponent and how to pass parameters and use event handlers with it. I am discussing my experiences and providing a few practical tips on how to approach some problems that will occur on real life projects.

Mario talks about Blazor at CASE conference 2022

I was lucky to be a part of the amazing CASE conference 2022 where I gave a talk about Blazor entitled “Blazor – problems I wasn’t told I’d be having”. It was a great event organized by CASE d.o.o. at the Mozaik Event Centre in Zagreb, Croatia. The pandemic was winding down, and, even though we still had to wear … Read More Here

EFCore and class inheritance

I was playing with how Entity Framework Core deals with class inheritance in the code first approach – what tables it generates and how it connects them. This article is discussing the Table-per-hierarchy and Table-per-type models in which EF Core handles inheritance. The official Microsoft documentation on the topic is awesome and I strongly suggest going through it either before … Read More Here

Moving development database to Azure – should developers pay for the privilege of development?

Why I decided to move my development databases to Azure and how to approach this problem.

Importance of algorithm thinking and problem solving

My 2 cents on why algorithm thinking and problem solving are important skills every developer should keep working on.

Return all values from enum via API in .NET

I would love for the people implementing my API to send me a value from my enumerator as an input parameter. But, I’d also love it if they could somehow access all possible values of that enumerator in some other way other than reading the documentation (because, let’s be honest, who reads the documentation anyway, right?).

How NOT to get a job as a developer in 8 easy steps

I have the feeling that some people just want to tell their friends that they are trying really hard to switch, but nobody in IT wants them because they have no experience and what not. For those people I’ve written a guide on how to remain in this category and make sure they absolutely never end up landing the job they’re interviewing for.

Create new component in Blazor – useful tool

In one of my previous blog posts I discussed my preferred way of organizing my Blazor projects. This included filenames, folder structures, code being separated from view etc. Implementing this sometimes takes time and is prone to mistake, so I created a small tool to help me do this. Creating a new component in Blazor – steps I prefer having … Read More Here

Swagger in .NET 5 – my preferred settings

APIs need to be well documented. It has become a standard that APIs are documented using the Open API standard and Swagger tools. Swagger is simple to set up in .NET 5, but I do have some things I like to set up. What is Open API and what is Swagger? Open API and Swagger are terms that often get … Read More Here

eval() argument written as Javascript code in IDE

MDN web docs clearly state you should never use eval() in Javascript. However sometimes you might need it and sometimes you might want it. But it is a pain to use, as you have to provide it Javascript as a string between literals.

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