Mario talks about Blazor at CASE conference 2022


I was lucky to be a part of the amazing CASE conference 2022 where I gave a talk about Blazor entitled “Blazor – problems I wasn’t told I’d be having”. It was a great event organized by CASE d.o.o. at the Mozaik Event Centre in Zagreb, Croatia. The pandemic was winding down, and, even though we still had to wear face masks, it was really fun to be a part of an IT conference in person!

Mario Mucalo talking about Blazor at CASE conference 2022

CASE conference 2022

I must admit that the CASE conference is not one I have visited before. And I was surprised to learn that it has been existing for over 20 years! It is organized by Case d.o.o. and this year’s main topics were revolving around the improvement of the development and programming process, the application of GDPR, multiplatform development of mobile solutions for business and other content (such as games) regardless of the type of device or software platform, programming topics in Java and security topics.

The conference itself included 23 lectures, along with a number of accompanying events such as workshops, panel discussions.

Blazor – problems I wasn’t told I’d be having

I was accepted as a speaker at the conference and gave a talk about Blazor. The talk was focused on generally discussing Blazor, but with an emphasis on real life problems that I faced when working on Blazor projects and that were not discussed in most common tutorials, documentation resources etc.

The talk was entitled “Blazor – problems I wasn’t told I’d be having” (or, in Croatian “Blazor – problemi za koje mi nisu rekli da ću ih imati”).

Some of the things I discussed were issues around Application State in Blazor Server, service lifetimes in Blazor Server, issues with Entity Framework Contexts on Blazor Server, lack of middleware on Blazor Server, .NET runtime bundle in Blazor WASM etc.

Blazor Server - Service lifetimes

I’d say that the talk went OK, and I was really happy about the Q&A section that followed, as there were really interesting comments and questions made that really brought additional value to the talk itself.

Talks I liked

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the first day of the conference, but I still got to hear some really interesting talks on the second day. I would like to point out Vedran Zdešić who gave a great talk about microservices and microservice architecture. Vedran’s talk provided a great overview of general tooling and environments that allow you to establish a proper microservice architecture and how they can be utilized and where.

A talk that was pretty fun for me was Tomislav Bronzin‘s talk about mixed reality in Microsoft Teams. I personally don’t like Microsoft Teams, but some of the things that Tomislav did during his talk (which included a live demo – brave, as live demos have a tendency to fail colossally!) like plant Teams calls in mixed reality onto a chair in the room were really quite cool. I don’t see a lot of practical value in it (a.k.a. I don’t know when I’d use it), but the demonstration of technology was impressive.

I also enjoyed the comparison between React and Vue in building PWAs. This was done by a team consisting of Milorad Vignjević, Marin Kaluža and Vlatka Davidović and provided interesting insight into specifics of developing PWAs with given tech stacks.


In conclusion I had a blast. It was a really cool event and I would like to thank Ante Polonijo and Mislav Polonijo for organizing the event and having me as a speaker! I really enjoyed myself. I wish them many more years of successfully organizing events like this one, and I sincerely hope to participate in many more.

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